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Annie Sloan in Canadian Living Magazine

September 01 2018

Annie Sloan in the Toronto Sun

August 25 2018

Canadian Immigrant

by Vivien Fellegi

May 22 2018

Indian-born filmmaker Eisha Marjara explores identity

Indo-Canadian filmmaker Eisha Marjara’s art has been a lifeline helping her cope with trauma and carve out her destiny. Marjara was only 19 years old when her growth ground to a halt after she lost both her mother and a sister in the Air India crash of 1985. Her pre-existing anorexia worsened, she shrank to skin and bones, and was admitted to a Montreal psychiatric ward where she was at times force fed through a tube connected to her stomach. Languishing for months in her hospital bed, overwhelmed with grief, she couldn’t find a single reason to get better.

Then one day her father brought in her old camera, and Marjara began taking pictures of her fellow patients. She reconnected to a forgotten passion for photography and decided to pursue a degree in the subject at Dawson College. As a fruitful future crystallized before her, it pushed Marjara to recover.

“There was something to work toward, and it motivated me to get my weight up and leave the hospital,” she says. She never went back. “Photography gave me a reason to live.”


TV, eh?

by Greg David

May 18 2018

Gorgeous Time Period Web Series Chateau Laurier Racks Up Record Views

If social media presence is a bona fide measure of success, Chateau Laurier is simply killing it. The web series has just crossed the three million views line on Facebook—in just two months—and shows no sign of slowing down. Couple that with 65,000 followers on Facebook … clearly, creator-producer-director James Stewart and co-writer-producers Emily Weedon and Kent Staines know what they’re doing.

What the trio has created in just three episodes of content—Season 1 of Chateau Laurier can be seen on the show’s Facebook page—is a sumptuous, gorgeous tale of a couple on the cusp of their arranged marriage taking place against the backdrop of Ottawa’s historic Chateau Laurier. Hattie Bracebridge (Kate Ross) is accompanied by her aunt (Fiona Reid) to the storied establishment where they meet Mr. Mutchmor (the late Bruce Gray, in his final role) and prepare for Hattie’s impending nuptials. But with one errant glance and a few steps away from the lobby, Hattie goes on an adventure that leads to a major twist.

Web Series CHATEAU LAURIER gains 3 million views in less than 2 months

May 09 2018

May 9, 2018 (Toronto) – The first season of the newly launched web series CHATEAU LAURIER has gained nearly 3 million views and 65,000 followers in less than 2 months, it was announced today by producer/director, James Stewart. Three episodes have rolled out on Facebook thus far, generating an average of nearly 1 million views per episode. In addition, it has been nominated for Outstanding Canadian Web Series at T.O. WEBFEST 2018, Canada's largest international Webfest.