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In the Shadow of the Hill

World Premiere at Hot Docs

March 29 2016

Toronto, March 29, 2016 - IN THE SHADOW OF THE HILL is a timely and relevant feature length documentary that serves compelling evidence as to the extent of crime and corruption in modern day Brazil. Helmed by first-time director Daniel Jackson, the film puts the spotlight on the spirit of solidarity and resilience of the residents of Rocinha, Brazil's largest favela - where one man's disappearance galvanizes an inspiring movement to rally against the ruthless state oppression.

Between 2007 and 2013, ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, 38,000 people mysteriously disappeared from Rio de Janeiro, the vast majority being black males from the city's densely populated slums or 'favelas'. When Brazil was awarded the FIFA World Cup in 2007, the government introduced a program to 'pacify' favelas, aimed at retaking territories previously controlled by heavily armed drug trafficking armies. Using an elite military police squad called BOPE for the clean-up, in November 2011 Rocinha was seized without a single shot fired.

The dramatic story of a local man believed to have been tortured and murdered by authorities is at the centre of this film. Shortly after the 'pacification' - reports began to emerge of rampant police abuse, which culminated in the disappearance of a local bricklayer, Amarildo de Souza. Mistaken for a drug dealer, Amarildo was last seen being taken by the police for questioning. In the face of pervasive, and state-sanctioned brutal oppression, indicative of a larger conspiracy at play, the community mounted a large-scale protest movement, bringing together rich and poor while pushing Brazil's epidemic of missing persons to the centre of international attention.

Legendary Paint Guru Annie Sloan visits Canada

Live appearance on the Celebrity Stage at National Home Show

February 03 2016

Creative paint guru and trained fine artist, Annie Sloan, known worldwide for her Chalk Paint™, books, and style, is delighted to appear at North America's Largest Home and Garden Event, the National Home Show, located in Toronto. Annie will appear on the Unilock Celebrity Stage on March 13 at 11 am - and on the Ideas Stage on March 12 at 2:30 PM and March 13 at 1:30 PM.

In addition to talking about what inspires her and how to put a personal stamp on your home, she will unveil exciting new products to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the creation of her line of decorative paint, Chalk Paint™. And as you would expect from the 'Queen of Paint', there will be 'Paint Your Own' ideas and a host of practical tips on how to achieve the looks in your own home.

Mike Mcleod reprises his award-winning role on Season 2 of Forgive Me

Premiering October 11, 8:00 pm on Super Channel

October 01 2015


TORONTO (October 1, 2015) - - Halifax-based Emotion Pictures is proud to announce that Mike Mcleod will reprise his award-winning leading role on Season 2 of the original Canadian TV series, FORGIVE ME. Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald (Cloudburst, 3 Needles, The Hanging Garden), this innovative TV series will premiere on Super Channel on October 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM ET and will also be available on Super Channel on Demand the following day.

FORGIVE ME is a bold half-hour TV series that breaks the seal of the Catholic confessional. It follows a young priest straining under the ever-growing weight of his congregant's confessions while trying to protect a secret of his own that could put his calling in peril. Season 2 sees the return of rising star Mike McLeod as The Priest, a role which earned him an ACTRA Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Leading Role in a drama series, and a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Season 1.

The Globe and Mail praised McLeod's performance as "superb", noted "a visual sumptuousness that's startling" and called the series "a powerful 30 minutes of television." The Winnipeg Free Press said: "The confessional-confined dialogue is smart, and the stripped-down performances are seamlessly delivered and punctuated with moments of pure, stark, painful honesty."

DOC Announces Timely Report's Findings on Philanthropic Funding

at TIFF Doc Conference

September 16 2015

Toronto, ON (September 16, 2015) - Today, at TIFF's Doc Conference, the Documentary Organization of Canada released the results of their new research study "PHILANTHROPIC FUNDING FOR DOCUMENTARIES IN CANADA: TOWARDS AN INDUSTRY-WIDE STRATEGY." The report indicates that the philanthropic sector has some interest in documentaries that are based on a wide variety of social issues.

The full report is now available for download from DOC's web site: Full Report

The report was made possible thanks to the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the Canada Media Fund (CMF), Telefilm Canada, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

The study examines innovative initiatives that have been successfully introduced in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to engage the philanthropic sector to support the production and dissemination of documentaries. Initiatives examined in the report include BRITDOC, the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF), The Fledgling Fund, JustFilms, the Chicago Media Project, the International Documentary Association's Fiscal Sponsorship program, and Impact Partners.

L'Association des documentaristes du Canada

Annonce les conclusions d'un rapport opportun sur le financement philanthropique

September 15 2015

Toronto, le 16 septembre 2015 - Aujourd'hui, à la Doc Conference du TIFF, l'Association des documentaristes du Canada a publié les résultats de sa nouvelle étude Financement philanthropique du documentaire au Canada : vers une stratégie globale pour l'industrie. Le rapport indique que le secteur philanthropique porte un certain intérêt aux documentaires qui traitent d'un vaste éventail de questions sociales. Il est désormais possible de télécharger le rapport complet en cliquant Ici

La réalisation du rapport a été rendue possible grâce au soutien de la Société de développement de l'industrie des médias de l'Ontario (SODIMO), du Fonds des médias du Canada (FMC), de Téléfilm Canada, du Conseil des arts de l'Ontario (CAO) et de l'Office national du film du Canada (ONF).

L'étude se penche sur les initiatives innovatrices ayant été mises en place avec succès en Australie, au Royaume-Uni et aux États-Unis afin d'inciter le secteur philanthropique à soutenir la production et la diffusion de documentaires. Parmi les initiatives examinées dans le rapport, citons notamment le BRITDOC, la Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF), le Fledgling Fund, JustFilms, le Chicago Media Project, le programme de subventions fiscales de l'International Documentary Association et Impact Partners.

« Il serait difficile de trouver deux secteurs ayant des objectifs aussi communs que ceux de la philanthropie et du documentaire, a déclaré Pepita Ferrari, directrice exécutive intérimaire de l'Association des documentaristes du Canada. Tel que le montrent De Rosa et Burgess dans leur rapport, ce terrain étonnamment inexploré au Canada offre certainement des avantages considérables pour toutes les parties. En outre, il s'agit du moment idéal pour établir de nouveaux partenariats et collaborations entre ces deux secteurs afin qu'ils atteignent leur but commun, qui vise à traiter de questions sociales. L'avantage de ce genre de partenariat n'est pas seulement financier pour le cinéaste; il permet d'accroître la sensibilisation envers un sujet donné qui intéresse la fondation, en plus d'offrir un moyen aux cinéastes de trouver des auditoires pouvant participer de façon active à leur contenu. »

Les conclusions montrent que, en comparaison avec d'autres pays, le Canada accuse du retard dans la collecte de fonds du secteur philanthropique. Le secteur, y compris les fondations accordant des subventions, les sociétés donatrices et les donateurs particuliers, représente pourtant une importante ressource inépuisable pour la communauté des documentaristes.