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Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children

Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children

Premiere at Hot Docs and Canadian Theatrical Release

Director: Patrick Reed
Producers: Patrick Reed & Peter Raymont
In 1994, General Roméo Dallaire received orders to stand by as a genocidal civil war engulfed in Rwanda. 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in 100 days. Dallaire returned to Canada a disillusioned and shattered man. Still haunted by these memories, the celebrated author and humanitarian has embarked on a new mission: to bring his passion and dedication to ending the recruitment and use of children as soldiers around
the world.

Director Patrick Reed, researcher and producer on Shake Hands With the Devil, White Pine Picture's Emmy Award-winning film that chronicled Dallaire's experience in Rwanda, now follows Dallaire through the DR Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan and North America as he meets with child soldiers, self-defence groups, militia leaders and those trying to demobilize these children.